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mobileage FAQs

How does an affiliate sales / marketing relationship work?

Answer: The best way to think of an affiliate arrangement is as an independent contractor relationship for your business, but focused on generating increased online sales for your business.

How can an affiliate business relationship help my company?

Answer: An agreement with Mobileage can help you launch sales activies for your business or provide an additional avenue to increase current sales. It also provides additional perspectives on your messaging, and in many cases, helps to develop/review/improve how you present your product(s) to the marketplace.

How does Mobileage charge for its services?

Answer: In most cases, we work off a percentage of the sales we generate for you. Ultimately, we don't get paid until you do. This may differ a bit for our managed services offering, but with respect to our affiliate services we work off a percentage of the generated sales.

Who "owns" the customers generated during an agreement with Mobileage?

Answer: All customers generated under this agreement remain your business'.

How does the setup of the process work?

Answer: We take time to review your business and objectives for the program. One item we thoroughly discuss with our customers is volume. Depending upon how new a company is, we can work to scale our program to meet the volumes your company can handle from a product delivery perspective.

How long does it take for Mobileage to get going?

Answer: It really depends upon the program and its required scale. It can be as short as a couple of weeks to as long as a month+.

Does Mobileage require a long term contract for its services?

Answer: No. We typically engage in month-to-month or short term agreements with our customers. We believe it is our responsibility to earn your business every day and month-to-month terms provide the ability for our customers to hold us accountable.

Branding is foundational for my company. How much control do I have over the content used by Mobileage on behalf of my company?

Answer: All content is reviewed by our customers for approval prior to any go live. This includes landing pages, emails, scripts, videos and various media.

Who owns the content and messaging developed by Mobileage on behalf of my company during my agreement?

Answer: Similar to our answer to the customer question above, any content generated during an agreement is the property of our customers.